Celebrity Storage

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It seems we can’t see an empty space or cupboard around the home without needing to fill it, and it’s amazing how much you can get in! The same goes for self storage units, which hold a huge amount of items of all kinds. These units and containers are an ideal solution where short or long term storage is needed. People from all walks of life use self storage including business or home owners, builders and tradesmen.

One group of potential self storage users you may be surprised by are celebrities, although you would think they had a ton of space! It seems the more famous like to squirrel certain belongings away like the rest of us. Many well known faces seem to enjoy collecting ‘things’ whether it’s vintage cars, medals, watches or shoes.

Most know the name Tom Hanks, well known for movies like ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, and ‘Saving Private Ryan’. The things he likes to collect would certainly fill a large storage container, as he owns around 270 typewriters. He started his collection in 1978, and his enthusiasm is said to be infectious. He has even written a book of short stories that all feature a typewriter. Although it has to be said he wrote this on a computer!

Like many people, the singer Rod Stewart is a model train enthusiast, which is hard to imagine for some. He began by simulating the East Coast Mainline, and now he claims to have one of the biggest collections in the world. I wonder what size container he would need?

‘Star Wars’ giant George Lucas is the proud owner of over 27,000 books, 17,000 films numerous press clippings and various other media. Well George, if you need somewhere safe, secure and dry to keep these prized possessions, Billericay Removals have the ideal self storage solution for you! Call us on 01277 653866 or 01268 768246.

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6 Reasons People Relocate

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Considering that a house move is said to be one of the most stressful life events ever, there is never any shortage of people willing to do it! Apart from all the stress it is also time consuming and expensive, but there are always valid reasons for wanting to move. Here are some of them:-

1. Upsizing

If you’ve been renting an apartment at the top of a tall building, you may want to be nearer the ground especially if the lifts keep breaking. Many people save up for a mortgage, renting small flats until they have enough for a deposit. A first house is an exciting prospect, and a first step on the rung of the property ladder [not more climbing!].

2. More Space Needed

Perhaps you have outgrown your current house, wishing for more space, and a garden if you don’t have one. Maybe you have or are planning to have children, so more bedrooms are essential. An elderly relative may be joining your family unit with their huge collection of scary Victorian dolls. If carrying out work such as extensions or conversions is not an option, you may decide to simply look for a larger place.

3. Work

You may be required to relocate due to a job offer, especially if you cannot face a long commute every day.

4. Downsizing

Empty nest syndrome is often the reason that people sell their large home and move to somewhere smaller. All that extra space is not needed when the kids grow up and leave the nest. [Make sure you leave a forwarding address for them though]

5. Relationship Changes

Relationships form, but are prone to change, which is a major cause of moving for several reasons, some positive, others not so positive.

6. Lifestyle

You may be seeking an improved living experience, in an area that has more countryside, great shopping areas or good schools.

These are all valid reasons for moving house but there are bound to be loads more. For moves to areas in Essex like Chipping Ongar, Ingatestone and Shenfield call our team at Billericay Removals.

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Moving Offers

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When your planning on horizons new, getting organised in advance of your move is important if you want to save time and money. Before you move you need to make sure that you:-

Research the area – Get to know your new home surroundings, for example, where is the nearest supermarket, train station or bus stop. You will also need a doctor and maybe a dentist within the area.
Sort Utilities – Set up electricity, phone, internet and TV connections for your new home.
Check Insurance – Look online for quotes if you want to insure your home contents. You will need to inform your car insurance company if you have one of your change of address. Be aware that your premium may go up or down after this.
Set a Budget – Work out a budget for your moving expenses, making sure you have enough funds to cover the one-off and ongoing costs.
Hire a Removals Company – Find a reputable removals company, book and pay for the service, alternatively hire a van, and recruit friends and family to help.
Organise Bills and loose ends – Make sure to pay off any existing bills before moving, and change or cancel any memberships you have to local clubs or the gym.
De-Clutter – Sell or give away any unwanted items you have which will make moving easier, and perhaps raise extra money for items at your new home.
Redirect your mail – Make a list of important places or organisations that need to be notified of your new address. These include things like the DVLA, your bank and employer etc.
Inform People – Check that everybody that needs to, knows your moving date, so they are not trying to contact you at the old address.

If you are looking to find an affordable removals company who can also provide storage, and great customer service, try our team at Billericay Removals.

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Move for a Better Life

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When moving to places in and around Essex, or in fact anywhere, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research about the area. Chelmsford for instance was placed in the top ten best places to live in an annual survey looking at quality of life. The survey carried out by Halifax, puts Chelmsford in tenth position on a list which includes a total of 405 local authority areas within the UK.

The survey found that homes in Chelmsford were larger on average than the national norm, had more rooms, and most had central heating and bathrooms. There is a high level of employment in Chelmsford and it is also one of the healthiest districts, as 96.3% of families considered themselves to be in good health and the majority have a long life expectancy. When it comes to education, Chelmsford does very well too, with a significant percentage of children achieving excellent grades and many going on to further education.

Crime is not a big problem here, and residents showed good responses when asked about life satisfaction, happiness and feeling what they do is worthwhile. The level of anxiety was also extremely low amongst the general local population.

Good street design has given nearby South Woodham Ferrers a reputation for being aesthetically pleasing and it is known as a ‘happy place to live’. Cleverly arranged houses display a random and staggered layout, allowing maximum privacy, and residents are overall satisfied with their lot. Trees and shrubs dot the streets and family homes have front and back gardens, with flat dwellers benefiting from professionally managed landscaping. Green spaces and parks abound meaning that people are not crammed in, and add to this a mix of property styles and the location is pretty impressive and a desirable place to move to. There are also good transport links helping people to get to work and back, and quality schools represent another bonus.

If you are planning a move to locations like Chelmsford or South Woodham Ferrers call us at Billericay Removals to chat about a hassle free relocation process.

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The Beauty of Traditional Wooden Storage Sheds

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If you’re looking to increase you available storage, even a small garden shed will hold a surprising amount of stuff. The same principles apply when choosing a wooden garden shed as when choosing a new car for instance [although it’s maybe not quite as exciting!] The same process applies with the same considerations in order to ensure a happy outcome. Whatever the intended use of your new wooden outdoor building ie, storage, workshop, study space or garage, you will want to be sure it can do its job properly without too much need for maintenance.

Wood is a favourite material for many who love it’s unique qualities, and lots of people wouldn’t consider any other option. A cheaply made shed will obviously mean a reduced amount of timber used during construction, which will likely mean a reduction in strength also. Superior timber sheds by names like Tiger or Shire are built to last longer, and there is a wide variety of choice when it comes to size and specification.

Included in the Tiger range of sheds is the shiplap 12 x 6 apex roof shed, which has high quality tongue and groove cladding. This is sourced from European softwood timbers, and treated with a water based treatment in red cedar, giving the shed an attractive appearance, and a secure and rigid nature. A layer of heavy duty green mineral felt protects the roof of this outdoor building, and an impressive internal height is another great feature of this shed and yet another reason for it’s popularity.

Shire offer the 10 x 8 apex shed featuring versatile double doors, which is another sought after storage shed. British made quality is demonstrated here with hidden extras like supporting rails added to the top and bottom of the inside of each wall for sturdiness, as opposed to simply at the top. The shed is constructed from high grade, slow grown FSC European pine cladding boards, and has impressive looking windows the entire length of one wall giving lots of light.

These are just a few examples of the huge range of quality affordable sheds available from reputable stockists like SM garden Sheds.

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Perfect Storage Solution

Self Storage Units in Billericay, Storage of Furniture, Appliances, Equipment & Vehicles

At Billericay Removals, we not only offer a first class removals service, but also provide self storage facilities whatever your need. People require storage space at different times and for a variety of reasons such as clearing a room before decorating, or storing business stock or hobby materials. Our self storage units are ideal for keeping belongings, furniture and other house contents, or even vehicles secure, dry and clean. Some of the reasons self storage comes in very handy include:

  • The push for more homes has meant an increase in new build properties, which are usually small and compact nowadays. This means that storage space is at a premium, and sometimes families need extra space temporarily.
  • New homes also frequently lack a garage or garden shed, so things cannot be stored here either.
  • Problems can arise when in the process of moving home, especially where there is a property chain, meaning an urgent need for storage.
  • Tradespeople often store expensive tools and equipment in the back of their van, and while this is convenient it is unwise. Vans are much easier to break into than storage units or containers resulting in loss of earnings.
  • Students wishing to take a break before embarking on their career can use self storage to keep their possessions safe.
  • A new baby can require the spare room to be emptied and transformed into a nursery, so any stored items can go into self storage for a while.
  • Your prized collection of memorabilia has outgrown it’s space in the home, a clean, dry storage unit is the perfect solution.
  • People running a small business from home such as selling on ebay or etsy find our self storage facility ideal for stock, packaging etc.

Read more about our self storage units or give us a call on 01277653866 or 01268 768246

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Replacement Double Glazing in Billericay

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Most people in areas of the UK like Billericay appreciate the value of double glazing for their home or business. The advantages of this form of glazing include energy efficiency, thermal insulation, lower fuel bills and less noise entering and leaving the home. Having double glazing installed though isn’t always the end of the story, and the last thing you want is to end up with inferior, badly installed, or ill fitting windows.

People replace their double glazing for a number of reasons including improved performance and advances in style. Whatever the motivation, there are a few things to look out for when deciding who will fit your replacement double glazing. The quality of your new windows is a crucial factor here, if the product is going to last and protect your home for years to come. Profile 22’s Optima range of window and door systems are in great demand in and around Billericay, due to their supreme performance. Outstanding results come as standard with these award winning, A++ energy rated windows. They were voted ‘New Product of the Year at the G awards in 2016, bringing additional excitement as this was also the company’s 40th anniversary. Commenting on their decision, the judges stated that, “This suite of profiles seems to provide an answer to most window needs.”

Optima cover a range of excellent product options, including tilt and turn windows, casement windows, exterior doors and French doors. One of the keys to their success is state of the art manufacturing processes using advanced equipment. The roll out of Optima windows, represents the largest and most significant launch by a window systems company for at least a decade.

Of course the other major factor you need to consider is which double glazing company to use when supplying and installing your replacement windows in Billericay. Essex Trade Windows are specialists in this field, with a great many satisfied customers. They offer a vast choice of high quality window and door products including the Optima range by Profile 22. Read about their recent projects on the website, where you will find examples of their comprehensive range.


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5 Considerations for Your Move

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For a stress free, but exciting move, you need to plan ahead, and make some decisions which will avoid headaches. Here are some pointers to think about;

1. De-cluttering

The last thing you want to do is pay to cart a lot of unwanted items to your new place, so start to sort through your belongings in the weeks leading up to your move. For a thorough job, search every last corner to ensure you clear out all clutter [even from the shed]. You will probably be amazed at the amount of stuff you have hoarded.

2. Planning

Decide where your furniture is going in your new home, once you know the dimensions of each room, you can work this out. Any items you don’t want to keep, or which will take up too much space, can be sold or given away before the move. Try to visit the property before your move to double check sizes and work out whether or not your curtains, blinds, appliances etc can be easily transferred. Start this process as soon as possible in case you need to sell things.

3. Choosing a Removals Company

If you are moving from a small room, you may only need a man and van to help, but other than that, you will need to find a reputable removals company. Word of mouth is a good way to go, and you will also see reviews and recommendations online. Get quotes from a few companies for a better chance of a professional, value for money service.

4. Packing

A good removals company will frequently offer expert packing as part of their service, this is an excellent idea, especially if you have valuable or delicate items.

5. Cleaning

To save time and hassle, you can use a cleaning service from experts like Berkeley Cleaning Services, to either make sure the property you left is presentable for the new residents, or that your new home in Essex is fresh, pristine and welcoming for you and your loved ones to settle into.

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Moving House – Terrific or Traumatic?

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image by Sue Gordon

The phrase ‘moving house’ conjures up a bigger variety of emotions than most other terms, from excitement to utter fear!

Look on any forum about moving or relocating for an almost limitless amount of funny, worrying or unbelievable stories that people have experienced when moving home. This often necessary activity is well known to be one of the most stressful things you can go through, and a poll of 2,000 adults showed 61% judged moving home to be more stressful than divorce, relationship breakdown or starting a new job. Plus, in the UK the average person moves house around 5 times during their life and are affected by the upheaval for about 3 months, according to a major utilities provider. That’s an awful lot of stress!

Concerns about expense, things going wrong, inconvenience or disruption of routine and regretting decisions all come into play and are enough to provoke a feeling of dread in even the bravest of us. All of this is without complications like a problem with the property chain.

Paradoxically, moving home can deliver completely life affirming results, relocating to pastures new and hopefully better. It is often an emotional time too, as we pack our lives into boxes, and are forced into reassessing things and choosing what we should keep and what needs to be ditched. This is probably the only time some people ever sort through stored memories, and maybe find precious keepsakes.

There is one assured way to feel optimistic about your move, and that is to find a reputable moving service. A smooth, trouble free ‘happy ever after’ adventure is the desired outcome, and one which Billericay Removals strive to provide.

It is of course an essential part of the service offered by a moving company to have a storage facility available should unforeseen circumstances arise. Luckily we have a selection of storage containers and units to cover all eventualities.

For those moving house in the Tyne & Wear area, Newcastle Self Storage have clean, dry and secure storage containers and lock ups in Blaydon, Killingworth and Coast. Ask about their offer of a FREE removals van to transport your possessions to their units. Call them on 0191 406 6333.

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Our New Mobile Friendly Website Redesign

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images1Welcome to the new Billericay Removals website, which will provide our customers with a mobile friendly experience, wherever they are and whatever they are doing. Responsive Design software means that our website is easier to find and exceptionally user friendly, allowing fast, uncomplicated navigation on smartphones, tablets and other devices.

As always we offer a comprehensive removals and storage service covering every need to customers in areas of Essex like Billericay, Wickford, Brentwood, South Woodham Ferrers, Chipping Ongar, Rayleigh, Shenfield, Chelmsford. Our long 30 year experience allows us to give a tailored package of services for each requirement whether its for domestic or commercial customers. You can be sure of an efficient, reliable, friendly and economical service from our family run business. Our staff are polite, uniformed and good at their job, so people tell us!

Our fine tuned range of services includes help with tick list preparation for your move, along with free no obligation estimates and we can also provide a comprehensive inventory service. Whatever you wish to move be it home contents, large appliances, office equipment, computers, antiques and valuables, we know how they should be effectively wrapped and packaged. Our expertise ensures that your belongings arrive at their destination safely, in one piece and undamaged. We can supply all boxes and packing materials and we use fully equipped pantechnicon removal vehicles. For peace of mind, we have insurance cover of £100,000, that’s double the usual amount offered by our competitors.

We offer flexible storage and self storage with clean, dry and secure containers whether it’s for unforeseen circumstances during a move, property content storage while decorating, home decluttering or stock for your business. You can store furniture, motorcycles, household appliances, and a limitless selection of other items. Our storage units are available for short or long hire and are dry, clean and rat and rodent free with state of the art security facilities. You can benefit from the use of our pallet trucks, trolleys and fork lift trucks too. Call us to discuss your requirements on 01277 653866.

The Billericay Removals website redesign carried out by Autus Web Design & Marketing, Chelmsford, will allow customers to access our service at home or on the move.

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